The sculpture and art of Charles Buchanan

Fine artist and modeler of quality figurines


Picture_3476_web_page.jpg Welcome to my website,

The images on this my Home Page are examples of the type of sculpture I create, life-like representations of what, as an artist, I see and notice, mental images formed over the years which I have shelved, and when the time is right and the creative inpiration present, I reproduce into those images into three-dimensional visuals, which  show ‘life' as it was, and is.

Above is
'Brigadier's Physical Energy', a 1/7th scale representation of a majestic Belgian cross, who was one of a number of horses forming part of Toronto's Mounted Unit. In 2006 an irate motorist plowed into Brigadier and his rider, resulting in this champion having to forfeit his life in the line of duty. The bronze work has been expertly done by MST Bronze in Etobicoke; they have brought it to life.

'Township Jazz 2' depicts 1/6th scale representations of four young black musicians, whose locale was probably an African township positioned within close proximity of a large mine somewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa. During off duty hours, young musicians often entertained the public at beerhalls and shabeens (illigal bars), by playing their homemade instruments and singing for reqard. Their traditional African music was often interlaced with flashes of dancing, and for this used bootpolish tins containing stones or coins lashed to their gumboots were worn. This particular piece won third prize at a 2010 juried art show in Mississauga, Ontario.